Stay Repairfree...


Stay Repairfree...

We are currently operational in Visakhapatnam and soon will be expanding to other cities.
You can directly place a request via our SITE , ANDROID App or just call us at 888 580 88 22.
We highly recommend you to be there when the service provider comes to your home. Otherwise we would insist that a person nominated by you be present while the service completed..
We recommend that you organise the supplies, in case if that is not possible the technician will purchase it after consulating you. A bill would be provided for all the purchases made by the service provider.
We immediately arrange for a replacement and schedule a time convenient to you to do the job.
You can call us at 888 580 88 22 and schedule a time convenint to you.
Right now we charge after the work is completed and only take payment via cash. We will keep you informed if and when we plan to offer online payments.
The rate card has been determined in correspondance with the current market prices , assuring you very reasonable prices. However if you feel the price is high please feel free to contact us at 888 580 88 22 .
We have standardized the price of services as far as possible in the rate card. However many factors may lead to price alternation like the amount of work involved , higher risk , more complexity and other related things. So if you have any queries please do contact us.

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